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24 NOV 2023

Target [Audience] Practice: The Power of Precision in Your Marketing

This blog post explores the intricate art of identifying and understanding your target audience—and avoiding the pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all approach. From demographics to behavioural patterns, learn how to craft content that resonates deeply with the right audience for your organization’s lasting success.

10 NOV 2023

Weathering the Storm: Marketing during Tough Economic Times

Discover how strategic marketing can be your key to success in challenging economic times. Learn why cutting back on marketing can have dire consequences and explore ways to maintain brand visibility, boost customer loyalty, adapt, and thrive when conditions improve.

19 OCT 2023

Insight – Founder Story / Small Business Week Q&A

In celebration of Small Business Week, we sat down with partners Kerry Anne MacDougall and Dawn Binns to get the scoop on how they brought their entrepreneurial dreams to life and grew Insight Studio from the ground up!

18 SEP 2023

The Power of Storytelling in Recruitment Efforts

The art of storytelling can have an incredible impact on your recruitment game! In this blog post, we dive into how storytelling can build connections with candidates, set you apart from competitors, and leave a lasting impression on the labour market. Find out why weaving stories into your recruitment.

18 SEP 2023

How to Create a Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Discover how to create an effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy in today’s competitive labour market. Learn the benefits, tools, creative examples, and audience segmentation techniques to attract the right candidates. Enhance your employer brand and stay ahead of the recruitment game.

7 AUG 2023

The Heart and Mind of Marketing: Understanding Emotions vs. Feelings for Impactful Campaigns

Unlock the power of emotions and feelings in marketing campaigns, Explore the crucial distinction between emotions and feelings, and learn how to tailor triggers, personalize content, build authenticity, and evoke emotional connections for impactful marketing success.

10 JUL 2023

Embracing Green Internet, Staying Green While on the Screen

Thanks to the Green Internet, it’s possible to create and manage digital content that is more environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint while using online technologies.

16 JUN 2023

7 Tips to Prepare for Your Marketing Agency Kick-off Meeting

Preparing for a marketing agency kick-off meeting? Discover seven essential tips to ensure a successful partnership. From defining goals and understanding your audience to communicating brand values and setting budgets, learn how to ace your kick-off meeting and kickstart an effective collaboration with your agency.

26 MAY 2023

Is Content Marketing Worth the Work?

Our Copywriter and Brand Manager shares her transformational journey from perceiving marketing as a “dirty word” to embracing content marketing as a powerful tool for storytelling and community-building. Discover the true value of content marketing and why it’s worth the investment, and learn about the different streams of why they’re crucial for building a strong relationship with your audience.

28 APR 2023

Marketing to Gen Z: How to Get on the Good Side of this Growing Generation

Each generation has a set of shared experiences, interests and values that set them apart from the next. This means each generation needs to be marketed to differently, and Gen Z can be a tricky one! Discover the secrets to cracking the code on #GenZMarketing.

6 APR 2023

March Ad-ness

As brands allocate more resources and larger slices of the company’s overall marketing budget to social media than ever before, the big question is how to use these resources in the most efficient and effective way.

8 FEB 2023

Direct. Observe. Adapt. (Lessons in Leadership)

Great teams are a result of great leadership. With Super Bowl LVII upon us, Creative Director Mark MacLean shares his thoughts on how the sports world has influenced his approach to leadership, and what he’s learned since transitioning from ‘player’ to ‘coach’ here at Insight Studio.

11 JAN 2023

5 Social Media Trends to Expect
in 2023

As brands allocate more resources and larger slices of the company’s overall marketing budget to social media than ever before, the big question is how to use these resources in the most efficient and effective way.

10 JAN 2023

5 Video Trends of 2023

Time and time again, consumers choose video over other content forms. And, that means marketers should be too! We’ve pulled together a list of five video trends we think will dominate this year.

6 JAN 2023

Content Marketing Tips for 2023

Unlike traditional marketing where you work to get your message in front of your audience, content marketing brings people to you! When done right, it creates long-term relationships that people can trust.